A Leader in the Pleasure Craft Marine Industry

Situated at the centre of the Mediterranean, in Perama, Greece, Papilas Yacht Yard has been a leader in the pleasure craft marine industry for the last 85 years. The Yard’s range of facilities, spread over an area in excess of 30.000 square meters and adjacent to Piraeus, the biggest port of  Greece, Papilas Yacht Yard can accommodate boats of up to 60 meters in length, 12.7 meters draught and 820 tons displacement.

The team of 25 employees has an extensive range of skills which can deal with anything between minor emergency repairs to extensive refits on Aluminum, GRP, timber or Steel Hulls. Our facilities include also a boat park which can accommodate an average of 50 boats.

The area is manned by security personnel on a 24 hour basis and there is a full risks insurance cover. The Yard is serviced by three travel lifts with a maximum lifting capacity of up to 820 tons while each individual boat space is equipped with fresh water and electricity.

Papilas Yacht Yard’s commitment to excellence and impressive facilities give our customers the finest in quality and service for yacht repair and refit. With over eighty five years experience, this full service yacht yard has become one of the premier yacht service yards in the world. Our Company’s brand new travel lift of 820 tons is the only hauler in the world, using movable winches and six points of support on each side when lifting the mega yachts.

What we do

Quality Maintenance, Repair, and Restoration

Papilas Yacht Yard features state-of-the-art facilities and a full-time staff that is skilled in the maintenance, repair, and restoration of yachts for recreational, commercial and competitive boat owners.With 3 boat yards strategically located along the seaboard of Perama, Papilas’ name is widely known and highly respected within the industry and boating community.


Our facilities are covered by private company SECURITY, 24 hours 24 hours, also all the vehicles that are entering the garage area are checked and no work is performed without special permission and in addition to all these all boats that are lifted are insured by the insured company LlOYD'S LONDON.

Liftings - Launchings

We undertake the lifting - launching of your boat safely with the most modern equipment available to the global market. The many years of experience in yacht industry and our portfolio of over 200 boats annually.

Painting works

We undertake, with responsibility and security, tasks such as simple anti-fouling system - barrier work - snagging and liding boats with a special heat-shrinkable plastic - carpentry works- cleaning -jettings - sandblast - total painting and boat conversion.


Given that the needs of the vessels become more elaborated day by day and that is the reason we equip our new facilities with the most modern supplying stations with electricity - water - garbage collection- water and fire. Available storage and bathrooms to accommodate crews and captains. Also, the whole area of our facilities is covered by WI-FI SPOT.

Overland / Marine parking area

The total space available in our new facilities is over 30 acres and we make sure there we always keep safe distances between the vessels and can accommodate over 45 vessels simultaneously. Our yacht yard has sufficient space for mooring or move alongside boats with all the benefits as in terrestrial space.


We believe that having the right equipment is key to delivering top-quality workmanship and exceptional customer satisfaction. That's why we invest in the best tools and technologies to ensure that we can handle any project, big or small.

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